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  • Develop and apply systems which optimize approaches to safety that are based on safety science
  • Utilize and apply principles of safety science
  • Inspire innovative collaborations in advancing the field of applied resilience engineering in healthcare
  • Provide a forum for representatives from diverse arenas to come together to discuss ways to advance the discovery-to-innovation process with respect to resilience engineering

Day 1

  • What is Resilience? A Primer on the Science from the World’s Leading Experts

    Erik Hollnagel, MSc, PhD

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    David D. Woods, MS, PhD

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  • How Did We Get Here? A Critical Review of Work on Safety and Healthcare System Safety Efforts from 1980 through 2013

    Richard I. Cook, MD

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  • What Is Resilience Engineering and Why Is It Important?

    Tom McDaniel

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    Garth S. Hunte, MD, PhD;

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  • Case 1: Medication Error

    Case Presenter: Seth A. Krevat, MD

    Expert Panelists: Ann Bisantz, PhD; Jeffrey Braithwaite, PhD

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  • Case 2: Retained Surgical Sponge

    Case Presenter: Barbara A. Pelletreau, RN

    Expert Panelists: Elizabeth Lay, PE; Shawna J. Perry, MD

  • Case 3: Patient Falls

    Case Presenters: Joan Ching, RN; Cathie Furman, RN; Jackie Valentine, RPh

    Expert Panelists: Garth S Hunte, MD, PhD;Christopher Nemeth, PhD

  • Resilient Individuals, Resilient Organizations

    Sidney Dekker, PhD

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  • World Cafe: A Round Table Discussion

  • Day 2

  • Welcome and Introduction

    Terry Fairbanks, MD, MS; Neil J. Weissman, MD
  • Expert Panel: How Does Resilience Theory Fit with Other Known Safety Models and What Unique Perspectives Can It Bring to Healthcare?

    Moderator: Paul E. Plsek, MS; Robert L. Wears, MD, MS, PhD
    Expert Panelists: Garth S. Hunte, MD, PhD; Seth A. Krevat, MD; Tom McDaniel; Barbara A. Pelletreau, RN, MPH; Shawna J. Perry, MD

    Download Presentation Part 1
    Download Presentation Part 1

  • Call to Action: Where Do We Go from Here? The Need for Cross-Sector Collaboration

    Sorrel M. King

  • Open Space: Creating Collaborative Partnerships and Projects for Further Exploration